Monday, March 2, 2009

Silence is Under-Rated

It is really bothering me today how noisy everything is. This morning, I turned off my pellet stove, unplugged my fish tank filter and put the computer on stand-by. Then it was finally quiet enough to hear my clock tick and my dog sigh. Until my fridge kicked on. And I noticed my coffee pot makes a popping sound so I had to turn that off too.

Hopefully the fish won't suffocate.

Isn't it weird how much better God-made sounds are than man-made sounds? (Ocean vs. Fish tank)

There are some exceptions, but in general. :)


Sherri said...

The songwriter had it right all along "Silence is golden"

Julene said...

I love when the power goes out and there isn't some electronic hum going on. Its wonderful. Unfortunately we have some back up thingy on our computer that beeps every two minutes if the power goes out. THAT sound has put me in nearly a murderous rage! (kill my computer anyway:0)

Kristi said...

You totally just killed your fish. I love your blog by the way. Just sayin.

Andresa said...

I LOVE SILENCE!! I know it's sick, maybe, that my favorite day of the week is Monday. I love love love my family, and am VERY blessed to have them...that being said, when Erik goes to work and the kids go to school and all that's left if me, myself, and I....I am at complete peace. No t.v. kids husband getting frustrated with kids arguing...etc etc. I really love silence. ;-) Let me reiterate...I LOVE my family too!! I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.

tawny said...

Yes, silence is golden!

Julene, the power going off was what made me realize how noisy my house is. My computer doesn't beep. :)

My husband said I probably will kill his way too expensive to be that loud, fish tank before I kill the fish. :)

Andresa, I completely agree. I LOVE times when my family is gone, as much as I love them. Especially if my house is clean.

Thanks for your comments!

sweeteeyore71 said...

i went over to my neighbors this morning and was commenting to her how "quiet" her washer was, her heater was, refrigerater was, etc--interesting how you would right about that today--yeah i do enjoy the silence too--the world is just to noisy any more.
thanks too soo much for your support, etc