Friday, February 27, 2009

And I could just be bi-polar....

It is amazing how fickle our moods are. Yesterday morning (on my way to work) I felt happier than I ever have. I felt so free and loved and full of joy. For the first time in my life I was brave enough to believe God is pleased with all of me. Not that I am perfect, but that He loves me and is pleased with me anyway.

By yesterday afternoon, I felt just normal (and that was after a really cool lunch and conversation with a new friend. I LOVE making new friends but it usually stresses me out because of all the stupid things I say and I am not sure if they will see through all that and not think I am an idiot. And I was surprised I wasn't all stressed out, maybe I am growing?).

And this morning I woke up a total grouch.

I just took a loooonnnngggggg bath though and now I feel normal, which I guess means content and slightly happy. I am grateful that is my normal now and not the complete grouch, which used to be my normal. But all that to show how fickle I am. I am so glad God isn't moody.

I hope all ya'll (is that how you spell it?) have a lovely weekend.

Enjoy the highs, right? :)


sweeteeyore71 said...

hope you have many highs this weekend too--thanks for sharing your highs and lows

Andresa said...

If you're bi-polar...then I wish sail on that ship WITH you!! I think God made us women to be emotional...and we have to rely on HIM to help us have self control over our emotions...well...God control over our emotions. I have been VERY down lately...not sure why, but I too am trusting God through it all, and looking forward to normal again. (The ever elusive normal that is) ;-)

Andresa said...

I WILL not I wish...sorry

Julene said...

I love what you shared about being stressed out when meeting a new friend. The more I hide myself in Christ the less I worry about the impressions I make on other people:) OH, Lord keep maturing your people!!!! I love it!

Tawny said...

Thanks for you comments, I love them! :)

Sherri said...

y'all - that's right it's y'all. Sure has a nice ring to it doesn't it. Makes me feel at home in a foreign land.
I find the winter to be particularly hard here. The grey days seem to wear me down. Gloomy and dark.
New friends are great, especially those you can connect with right away and to carry on a conversation doesn't seem to be a laboring process. That's when I know it's not just a friend it's a a God friend. :)

Whitney said...

I am DEFINITELY bipolar. :)

Thank the Lord I don't believe it though.

Its amazing how moody I get... I never understand those people who are ALWAYS happy.