Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Heart Today

I have had a very interesting day today. I had a revelation or two, embarrassed myself to death, had some wonderful conversations and prayer with people. I wish every day was this exciting. (I could live without the embarrassment, of course.)

So, my morning revelation was that it is God's will that His people be full of peace and joy and love. Every moment. That we be anxious for nothing. I was praying that His will be done and realized that according to the Bible, His will is for me to be full of the Spirit and all of the delicious fruit that brings. Why is it so hard for that to be my will too? That is what I want, right? So why do I choose something different? No more excuses now, dang it. Except I probably will forget this and have to be reminded about 82 times before it sticks.

My afternoon revelation is it is really hard for me to pray on one topic for an hour. Talk about rabbit trails! I love to pray and can pray for hours, but not on one topic! About half-way through, I got the brilliant idea to ask Jesus to intercede for my interceding because I was afraid I was failing miserably and thought I would share my time with Him and He could pray much better anyway. :)

Prayer is strange. It is so neat that He wants us to talk to Him but He could do so much better just doing everything Himself. But that is not His plan, He wants us to play a part. So cool!

AND the sun is shining...


Anonymous said...

Oh, okay...Prayer, I love prayer!! So you know how I am all neurotic and weird about it right? Okay...so here's what I do. Several actually. So once at a youth retreat when I was in jr. high a lady was speaking on prayer and she taught us about breaking it up...like Praise, Thanksgiving, forgiveness, others, ourselves...so I sometimes play games with myself only praying Praise for an hour or whatever it is (I will time myself - like however long it takes me to drive from here to there) and then I will pray forgiveness in the same manner. I also have a prayer flip flash card thing that helps me remember who and what I am praying for and then some other tools to help me pray all throughout the day. Sometimes I think I don't "need" all that stuff so I don't and just hang out and rest, and let my heart be still but even now thinking about it, it rocks to know that He wants to be near us, you know? Yeah...it rocks. Thank you for this post. I am always praying for you, Friend.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog--thought provoking to me--and weird though the 2 things that stick out to me today--and really don't know why-(i am in an overthinking mood today, which aint good) but the number 82 times, and rabbit trails--just was wondering how where the number 82 came from??--i know i am weird--thanks again for being such a good friend to me--wendy
PS--will get my list to you that we talked about--really only 1 thing that i have been taught about HIM

Andresa said...

I heard it said once that we often say "all I can do is pray" when in actuality, THE BEST THING WE CAN DO IS PRAY...WOOHOO! So, I also learned a "method" to help pray, it's more like a prayer journal, Becky Tirabasi ( I have NO idea if I am spelling that right) she taught us the write our prayers in a journal broken up into sections that spell the word P A R T. First: P=praise, Next: A=Answer (answers to prayers HE has answered, Next: R=request and last T=Thanksgiving. the point being there is a difference between praising Him and Thanking Him. I have gotten away from journaling, but I should get back, it really helped me to stay focused on my task at hand.
OH, and for embarrassing...how does falling UP a flight of about 6 stairs at your kids's school count? Man am I SORE!!
May we all recognize at all times that His will is that we live in His peace, His love, and His joy!!
Thank you for your blogging...I enjoy keeping in touch with you, and you sharing your heart, and giving opportunity for others to share theirs as well.

tawny said...

What wonderful comments!

Thank you guys!

Kristi, that is how I attempt to run, the two times a year I get motivated enough. Training for godliness is more important, right? :)

Wendy, I just pull random numbers out of the air sometimes, sorry, nothing special. :)

Andresa, I think just adults fall upstairs, huh? I don't remember ever doing that as a kid but I have done it a couple times as an adult.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tawny, I love to pray too! It is my favorite thing to do. Sometimes I just end up saying nothing and enjoying His presence, or just looking at Him, or being with Him. In fact, I spend a lot of time doing that! I assume that He will tell me to pray for something if He wants me to do that.

"it is God's will that His people be full of peace and joy and love. "

I think you are so right, and I wish I could get that! I love God so much and I am so happy to be His, yet I struggle so much. I think today He told me that I have stopped wanting His will above mine and have been selfishly grabbing for what I think will please me. Sigh. I have learned this over and over! Maybe even 83 times! :)

Thanks for your post! I love it! Jenny