Thursday, June 4, 2009


So tonight was Dev's 6th grade appreciation/graduation. It was really neat because all of his best friends got awards from the teachers. (I have been telling Jason that Dev runs with a good little crew, maybe he will believe me now. They were awards for the best attitude, community service, and friendliest, I think) I was getting a little sad because I know he worked really hard this year and I didn't think he was going to get one. He got the last one and it was for "All Around Best Student"!

Ok, I cried. But you guys have seen the kind of parenting week I have had right?

I had to ask Dev's permission to blog about this (because he has told me he doesn't want me blogging about him) and brag on him and he just reminded me he also got the "Most Athletic Boy" vote from his fellow students. :)

I am especially proud of him because Jason and I don't pressure our kids about their grades. He has worked hard by his own choice.

And God is merciful and sweet to me.


Julene said...

YAY for Dev!!!

Andresa said...

Wahooo Dev! I love sloppy sappy Mommy makes all the other crud worth it!!

Anni said...

SO cool. Your baby is growing up into a young man. I couldn't believe his voice!! I love that you are a real in your posts. I think you are a great mom. Crongrat's to Dev!! oxox

Tawny said...

Thanks Guys :)