Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Worse Problem

I am so grossed out, I want to die.

My daughter dropped a giant rock on her toe a couple weeks ago. The toenail came off today. She soaked it and THIS LARVAE THING CAME OUT OF IT.

ewe ewe ewe ewe!!!!!!!!!!

(And yes, this is the same child that also had an earwig go in her ear when she was about three. When we had it flushed out, there was also a tiny toy in there)


Julene said...

Like crawled out?! oozed out?! How did it get there?!.....wow.

Andresa said...


tawny said...

Well, there is a small possibility it came from somewhere else. But a couple minutes after her toenail came off and we soaked her toe, it appeared right at the base of her nail bed where the worst injury was. Then I made the mistake of looking on line and seeing all the gross bugs that lay their eggs in wounds so that the larvae can feed off of the blood and wound secretions. You asked. :)

Andresa said...