Thursday, May 14, 2009

My silly girl

My daughter is so funny.

I have colored my hair red for years and I am sick of coloring it, so last night after my kids went to bed, I colored it brown, trying to get it closer to my natural color so it can grow out. It is a little too dark but hopefully it will lighten up a bit after I wash it.

So Laney gets up this morning, sees me, and says,

"Mom! I can't believe my blurry eyes!"

I thought that was hilarious. :)


Andresa said...

ok...this is weird....I just colored my hair back to it's natural color yesterday too....of course...none of my kids noticed!

Julene said...

Laney is about as cute as they come!!!! Sorry guys, I am not to the point of coloring my hair gray so I can let it grow out. When my husband agrees to a pixie cut, I will grow it out:)

lazrus2 said...


No, you just keep going one shade lighter, a little at the time, until it's 'champagne blonde' (not gray =). But what would I know about that =)?!

By the way, we missed you Tuesday and were hoping you and family were okay since nobody had heard from you. It was just 4 of us in our circle, but we had some good discussion.

'Hope to keep in touch, if only via this route 'till fall.


tawny said...

Hey Dana,

Julene is going out of town tomorrow, so I don't know if she will see this for a while.

I was supposed to let you guys know Julene's daughter was sick and I forgot, sorry! She hated to miss the last one.

I love the color of your hair, by the way. :)

tawny said...

Andresa, that is weird! Julene, I don't want you to let yours grow out, because I know it will look good! :) I am such a good friend! :)

Julene said...

HA!!! Now I know the secret, lighter shade for me next time!! Thanks Dana, I would love to keep in touch, I just sent you all an email.
Now I can't wait to see Tawny and Andresa's hair ~ Hope my eyes wont be too blurry:)

Darla said...

As the "older" one among us, I think you gals are going to look back on this issue in 15 years and laugh. And I can almost guarantee you will be in a different place about it all! :)))))

Julene said...

Does a different place mean we will no longer even 'consider' going gray? :0)

Anonymous said...

i just colored my hair today too--trying to get back to my natural color--of course mine is too dark also--my son laughed at me :( i am hoping to it lightens up.

Tawny said...

Hey Wen, Did yours lighten up? Mine didn't. :)