Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I was feeling badly this morning because I prayed last night, in front of some people, and I thanked God that it is through surrendering to Him, bending our knees and our wills to Him, that we receive everything we have always wanted. I went on to acknowledge that for me, anyway, it is through brokenness that I receive joy. When I allow my heart to be broken by my sin and unlikeness to Christ, He strengthens and encourages me. He changes me and that gives me great joy. I am fine with all that, but then I went on to thank Him that He came to earth in brokenness and not with pomp and glory like we would. And I am feeling badly because that is not true. He did come in glory and He was not broken. But He came in His kind of glory, not ours. He made himself vulnerable and He put himself in situations and He responded in ways that made people think He was weak or arrogant or extreme. He let Himself be misunderstood, by people He loved dearly. He went to the Cross. He only cared about doing the will of the Father. That is true glory. I want to be like that.

His will. Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing else.

(That was in the book I am reading called Sacred Rhythms and I loved it!)

Help me Lord, I am soooooo far from that right now...

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Andresa said...

I like that..."His will. Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing else." Amen to that