Friday, January 8, 2010

Favorite quotes from "The Life You've Always Wanted." Finished it.

Now, with God's help, I shall become myself. ~ Soren Kierkgaard

I could not quiet that pearly ache in my heart that I diagnosed as the cry of home. ~Pat Conroy

The primary goal of spiritual life is transformation....If we cannot be transformed, we will settle for being informed or conformed. ~ John Ortberg

Tragically, conventional religious goodness manages to be both intimidating and unchallenging at the same time. ~ Steven Mosley

A Christian is a perfectly free lord of all, subject to none.
A Christian is a perfectly dutiful servant of all, subject to all.
~Martin Luther

Joy is the serious business of heaven. ~CS Lewis

God is the happiest being in the universe...And God's intent was that his creation would mirror his joy....Joy is a command. Joylessness is a serious sin, one that religious people are particularly prone to indulge in...Joy is strength. Its absence will create weakness.~John Ortberg

We are all worms. But I do believe I am a glowworm. ~ Winston Churchhill

If the Bible were to completely fulfill its mission, our minds would be so transformed - so filled with thoughts and feelings of truth, love, joy, and humility - that our lives would become one uninterrupted series of acts of grace and moral beauty. ~ John Ortberg

It's morphing time. ~John Ortberg

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