Monday, September 14, 2009

Tradin it In!

I went to a women's seminar this weekend and I want to share my favorite part. One of the teachers explained the greek definition of "quiet and gentle" from the passage about women in one of Peter's letters. Quiet meant, "calm" or "tranquil" and gentle meant, "anger far from me".

This is very exciting to me because it fits so well with what God has been speaking to me about rejoicing. I saw a chart some time ago and it showed underlying emotions for different personalities. If I remember right, they were; fear, peace, optimism and I know mine was anger. I totally identified with that. Anger has been my fuel since I was ten. Not an out-of-control anger, but an underlying anger that moved me to go in certain directions.

So now I can see that God is asking me to trade all that anger in for rejoicing! To have rejoicing be my fuel instead of anger. What a wonderful trade! Of course this is a process, so I may still rant and rave and fuss and fume occasionally, but hopefully, there will be a whole lot more rejoicing and trusting my wonderful God to make things right.


Julene said...

oooohh, thats good!

Sherri said...

Rejoicing, hmm
what exactly does rejoice mean to you? That's what I ask myself.
Does rejoice mean being thankful? Does rejoice mean being joyful?
Does rejoice mean praise and worship? What does rejoice look like to you?

tawny said...

Good question! To me, rejoicing is all those things, at once. Being full of joy is the predominant one though.