Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I embarrassed myself recently. Not just my average, slightly embarrassed because I said something slightly stupid. Nope, this was one of those deep, painful, embarrassments when death sounds preferable to walking among other humans again. I was really surprised at how I reacted. I hit the floor, praying. I cried out to my Lord to come sooth my soul. He was sweet, and let me feel His presence almost immediately.

Me: Oh Lord, please teach me how to be quiet!!!!

Him: (In my spirit, something like) Smiling slightly, "Child, you don't necessarily have to be quieter. You do need to be calm."

And then I just rested in His presence and let His peace flow until I was healed of the pain.

Then I asked Him to teach me wisdom with my words and that there would be way less idle ones. And I remembered the whole 'quiet means calm' thing I posted about last time. I am thinking it was very wise of Him to put calmness with rejoicing. In my case, they seem to desperately need each other.

And don't ask me what I was embarrassed about, I won't tell you. :)


Julene said...

Well I wont ask, I will just say that God has had to calm my own nerves regarding my embarrasement at babbling words recently. Thats when I cry out to Him - Hem me in Lord!!! (Ps. 139)

Andresa said...

I love God's presence filling us and giving us peace. I always end up picturing myself "under the shadow of His wings"...that always always always helps me.

Tawny said...

Julene, I am glad I am not the only one! :) Thank you, Andresa.