Friday, May 9, 2008

The 85th Million Attempt Might be the ONE

I am reading this "Spiritual Leadership" book and I really like it. Except he says leaders are supposed to be disciplined in their personal lives. Trying to be disciplined usually makes me very cranky. But I was thinking maybe I have grown enough to try.


Brent had to post his weight loss thoughts and after two days, I told him "OK, Fine!!!!!! I don't know if I am spiritually mature enough to be hungry or skinny but I will try."

Wasn't that gracious of me? :)

I hate this whole subject, I have so much history and so many disappointments with myself embedded in it, so PRAY FOR ME!

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just1reason said...

Hi Tawny! Jumped over here from InWorships weight loss challenge. I'm glad you are joining. And I'm glad we are doing this together! Because I have been where you are, as a matter of fact, just barely left the room! I have FINALLY got some revelation from God about the whole mess with the 85 million failures of weight loss in my life...and things have started to change. If you'd like the company, I'm sure I'll be chatting with you along the way! I'm gonna work on my first post tonight...and hopefully do more work than on a computer to get my rear in gear! This time is gonna be different are going to succeed...and lose the "weight" that causes the weight. ;)