Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So Much to Learn

For the last ten years, God has been teaching me to love. When I first believed in Jesus, and accepted that He is the only way to the Father, my first lesson was, "It is not about being right, it is about love."

He has called me to love when I feel unappreciated, misunderstood, neglected, even rejected. He taught me love is about giving love. Not receiving love from people. If I love His people unconditionally, He will love me. I go to Him to be loved and filled with love, so I can give it freely to others.

Do I do that perfectly?

Of course not. :) But He has written these things on my heart and I do believe with permanent marker, as Beth likes to say.

Just this morning I am sensing He is moving me to a different subject in the school of life. I think it is called Living Wisely. I'm scared. But a little excited.

Have Your way in me, My Lord. There is nothing better than being changed by you.


cathistegall.com said...

my hubs is working on a small group curriculum about this very topic! I can't wait to show him this post! What a testimony you have, tawny!!!!

Tawny said...

Thanks for your comment Cathi! If you come back and read this, I am dying to ask you why you look so different in your little picture on Mandy's site than you do on your site. :)

Yep, it all comes down to love. If we don't do that, might as well forget about everything else!

cathistegall.com said...

I'm back, Tawny!
Why I look differently? I have no idea...maybe b/c the avatar is a fake laughing pic [which I love to do] and the pic as my blog header is a "hey I"m cool" pic...who knows.

good question, nice eye for detail, tawny!