Saturday, May 24, 2008

Do I Really Want "More of Him, Less of Me"?

I had a revelation this morning. If I really trust God's timing, I shouldn't be impatient.

Then I had another revelation. I kind of like being impatient.

It is part of my personality and I think it helps me "get things done". Does it really? I doubt it.

Is there any part of your personality that you know is wrong, but you don't want to give up?


Anonymous said...

The opinionated side. I know that God placed Daniel in my life as the head of the household and that there are many times that he needs to be the voice of whatever it is...but dang it if I "need" to pipe up and say my 2 cents as well even if I already did that in the car...or if I already resolved to submit and let Dan lead on whatever it is and keep my mouth shut...but then something will happen and I "just have to get that one thing in" Grrr, this of course never serves me well.

Tawny said...

I hope I never get covicted on that one. I have to be patient AND quiet??? Sounds horrible! :)

Anonymous said...

me, nooooo, I'm mary poppin's second cousin...and even more practically perfect in every way!!!

Ok, maybe not. The part of me that I absolutely think gets in the idea that my idea is best. Every time I plan something my way, God decides it needs to be different. I usually kick and scream like a toddler w/o a lollipop. However, as expected, things are better in the end than I had planed in the first place.
You'd think I'd learn.

inWorship said...

I like to plan and God likes to make it so I don't plan and follow him, and of course he has a plan so it all works out really, but just is tough for me.

Jess said...

wow. great question. i don't want to give up staying up late and overspending. i just DON'T. argh. convicting...



Heidi said...

I like to be in control of my emotions. I don't have to be a leader or be in control of things, but when it comes to my emotions. I have to be in CONTROL>.

SO Nothing leaks out.

I love linked you today..

Love ya!!

Tawny said...

Thanks for sharing guys! I love how God made us unique and still "there is no struggle that is not common to man."

Tawny said...

Actually, it is temptation, not struggle, and that probably fits better huh? :)