Thursday, January 1, 2009

Young or Old, Does it Matter?

I am feeling very happy right now. I am enjoying it, because I know moments like this don't last forever. I stayed up until the New Year last night which is something I haven't done in years. We got to sleep in this morning because our kids are finally old enough to enjoy sleeping in and we let them stay up and play games and watch movies with us last night. Jason and I already took our walk this morning, so the rest of the day we can do whatever we want.

Today is my sister's 28th Birthday and I was thinking about age. One of my dearest friends just had a Birthday a couple days ago. She is in her 60s. 62? Anyway, I was thinking how age is such an earthly thing. Such a temporary thing. It means so much to us in so many different ways, but it really doesn't mean diddly squat. All that matters is our hearts learning to be in step with God's heart. In the end, how old we were when we did this or that will make no difference at all. Only if we did what God created us to do. If we believed Him and loved Him and served Him with all of our strength.

May we have willing hearts this year!


Anonymous said...

Willing hearts, yes friend. I want to be in step with all that He has for me. -Kristi

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this post, Tawny. I agree, age matters so little when it comes to friendships and to serving God with all of our strength. I love your encouragement to have willing hearts for God this year as well.
May God's blessing and grace continue to be with you and your family in the year ahead :)