Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Circumstantial Love

My house is quiet.
My heart is quiet.
What a nice moment.

My kids get home in ten minutes though. That will be the end of the quiet house for sure and possibly the quiet heart. Depends on how long it takes me to get through the homework/chores routine.

I have been thinking lately about how much my circumstances influence the state of my heart. I do believe some of that is natural and ok. Jesus sat by the well and let his disciples go get groceries because he was tired. Of course, he also had an appointment with the Samaritan women. But still, he was tired so he sat. But I doubt He was cranky. :)

I want to be stronger. So if the time comes I ever have to be tired and hungry I can still love those around me well. So, that is a new goal for me, to be uncomfortable and still put other's needs before my own. Especially my family. They get to see me in my weakest moments and I want to love them well. Only by His goodness and grace will I ever succeed in this endeavor!

The front door just opened...


sweeteeyore71 said...

thanks for the comments on my blog-I will come and check yours out and add you to my blog list--i enjoy reading about others growth in christ.

Tawny said...

Thanks Wendy,

I put you in my reader too. :)

samantha said...

I know exactly what you mean. It is a constant goal of mine too.

Darla D said...

Again I will say Tawny that you are a good writer!! I'm still counting on that devotional of yours some year! :))

Tawny said...

Thanks for your comments! I was starting to get all insecure again, you know how I get when there is no one commenting on my blog. Yes, very immature, I know. :)