Thursday, August 14, 2008

Daily Stuff

I really feel like blogging today, but I don't have anything to say. I read some cool stuff in Ephesians this morning about us being united with Christ and read in Ezekiel about God comparing Israel to His wife. (Not a very good wife either...more like a very bad wife) That was interesting and shows the intensity of His love for His people. Wow, those two thoughts go well together, I didn't think about that until I just wrote it down. If we are believers, we are united with Christ, whether we act like it or not. Hmm.....

Gotta get groceries. Bring someone dinner, which if you know me very well, is a small miracle. If I don't bring them Papa Murphy's Pizza it will be a little bit bigger miracle. Go to Costco with Jason, try not to find a book I "need". I am starting to get that Autumn cleaning feeling. I hope it grows and doesn't go away before I can do anything with it.

Link Group tonight which I am actually looking forward to. We are finally done talking about science in The Truth Project and talking about God stuff. It is all God stuff, I know, but I like studying God Himself better. Last week we talked about Social Order and that was very interesting. How God set the family up compared to the Trinity. Really liked it. The thought was Father and Son, with the Spirit proceeding from them and Husband and Wife with children proceeding from them, all still one. But then Del (Is that his name?) talked about the church being Christ and the leaders in the Church with the flock proceeding from them. I would like to believe that but it seems too simplified to me. Because the Father and the Spirit are also a huge part of the Church. And I am not sure the "leaders" have a closeness above the flock. (He drew a circle with the top two word across from each other and the third word underneath) In the Old Testament maybe, but we all share the same Spirit under the new covenant. If anyone has any clarity on that and wants to share it with me, that would be fun. :)

Off to the grocery store......

I love those little star thingies. Anywho, while I was driving around town, I made a discovery. I am not Suzy Homemaker. (Shocking I know.) And as much as I would like to become her someday, I need to come up with a plan B. Like make enough money to get a housekeeper. Or quit buying cookbooks that I just read, instead of cooking from, so I can afford better simple food. :) I should probably work with who I am instead of trying to be everything I admire in someone else. This is a whole different track to explore. I will keep you posted, of course. :)

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