Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tears and Laughter

Feeling much better today. :)

Had a big fit yesterday evening and cried my head off while Jason laughed at me. For some reason he thinks it's hysterical when I have big sobbing fits. (He says it is because I am so cute and He loves how passionate I am, hopefully that is the real reason) After he quit laughing, he prayed for me and was very sweet.

I know God is working on earth. He is working in His church. Like He is working in me. I just need to be patient. It always seems to come back to that!


Andresa said...

ok...I would have been "annoyed" if my husband was laughing at me while I was crying.. ;-) He redeems himself with the prayer.. ;-)
And yes...God is working on us all, (stinkin patience)

tawny said...

Jason has laughed at me since we were dating, so it seems normal. It kinda makes things less intense, I guess I kinda even like it. :)

sweeteeyore71 said...

i am always saying how i wish HE would throw this darn pottery in the fire already--but i guess HE isn't done with me yet--darn it.
"I am the Potter YOu are the Clay"


capturedbygod said...

Glad you are feeling better! I know how you feel though, I have those crying episodes way too frequently in my opinion! But thankfully God just holds me and comforts me when I go through them.

I am struggling now with my church. We have a new pastor and I am having a really hard time with him, torn about what God wants us to do, either stay and struggle with the new pastor, or leave church that has been home for so many years.

I know God has a plan! We just need to know what it is! Blessings, Jenny

Whitney said...

Jason is so good to you Tawny!! I am so grateful for at least one good Christian marriage as an example in my life!!