Friday, April 30, 2010


I am feeling very full today. Satisfied with life. I am going to enjoy it like crazy. I am LOVING the new Breaking Free study, although I am driving myself to distraction trying to decide if I am really free or not. But today I am just going to believe that I am. I am alive and free because of what Jesus did for me! He is making me like Himself and He will not fail. And I am going to be choose to be content with where I am in the process. Today. At least this morning. :)


Julene said...

Reading this, I was picturing you with your arms spread wide, face upward in praise and the glow of Jesus on your face:0) NICE!

Tawny said...

Hey, Julene, I can't believe I forgot to thank you for this wonderful comment! I haven't been on here since I wrote my last post. Thank you!