Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More on Judgment

These verses just make me smile: 1 Cor 4:3 Paul speaking,

As for me, it matters very little how I might be evaluated by you or by any human authority. I don’t even trust my own judgment on this point. 4 My conscience is clear, but that doesn’t prove I’m right. It is the Lord himself who will examine me and decide.

5 So don’t make judgments about anyone ahead of time—before the Lord returns. For he will bring our darkest secrets to light and will reveal our private motives. Then God will give to each one whatever praise is due.

We can trust God with everything, even the parts of our hearts and minds we don't understand yet.



Andresa said...

YAY YAY!!! Amen to your blog!!
God has really been working to open my eyes a bit more on this issue lately....not that I am "going through" something specific...but we have many friends at different churches, and we don't all "do" the same thing....and other friends who are judgemental about what others do...I thank GOD for His great love, that He has been opening my eyes to HIM and not what others "think".

Julene said...

I love these verses too! I love that he says his conscience is clear but that doesn't prove that he is right. I used to think, I cannot go a day without sinning, so I felt guilty for sinning even when I didn't know what the sin was. God doesn't want us to live completely burdened and full of self condemnation, He will reveal my sin to me and I trust Him to do it. Praise the LORD!!!!

Marnie said...

Your questions I always find interesting! As I read in "My Utmost For His Highest" today, I thought of you when you said "I have no idea why I am blogging about this." Read what Oswald has to say. It is a good thing you are doing! I did a little comparative study on "Judging" and much could be said on that subject. "The Message" is a good read on your verses. I guess it could all be summed up "Let go, let God."

I know this is not what you are asking in your blog, but a commentary in the Amplified by Joyce Meyer says: "I learned an important lesson about the dangers of judging and criticizing others, Jesus tells us not to judge others for our own good. He does not want us to be judged in return. Resist the temptation to criticize and judge, and thereby enable yourself and others to enjoy blessings instead of judgement."

Tawny said...

Thanks Guys, I was worried this post would be boring, you made me feel much better! :)