Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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Let love be your highest goal, but also desire the special abilities the Spirit gives, especially the gift of prophecy.
~I Cor 14:1

What is prophecy exactly? I have heard/seen many definitions but find them lacking, somehow.

This is my favorite so far: Prophecy is, at root, an especially acute insight into the mind of God on some subject or event. It doesn't have to predict the future. ~James Rutz

What do you think prophecy is?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, when you figure that one out...please let me know. I like that definition, but that also kinda sounds like discernment.

Sherri said...

Gift of Prophecy
Prophecy is speaking directly by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in a known language. The person
who prophesies does not speak his own words or thoughts; he speaks the words of God. Because the
gift of prophecy enables the church to hear messages from God, it is greatly emphasized in Scripture
(I Corinthians 14:4-5). Paul said, “. . . covet to prophesy . . .” (I Corinthians 14:39).
Agabus prophesied of Paul’s imprisonment at Jerusalem (Acts 21:11). When the men at Ephesus
received the Holy Ghost, they prophesied (Acts 19:6). The Bible also speaks of women who
prophesied (Acts 21:9).

Webster defines Prophecy as: the inspired declaration of divine will and purpose

I've also heard it defined as prophecy fore-warns, offers direction.

Discerning of Spirits is defined as:
To discern means to “distinguish” or to “recognize.” The gift of discerning of spirits enables a
person to distinguish what type of spirit he may be confronted with in a given situation. A person’s
actions and words can be motivated either by a demonic spirit, the Holy Spirit or his own feelings;
the discerning of spirits enables a believer to distinguish between them. This gift is vitally important
to a pastor or to anyone who ministers to a group of people.
An example of this gift in operation is found in Acts 16. A woman followed Paul and his companion
for several days as they ministered, and she cried continuously saying, “. . . These men are the
servants of the most high God, which show unto us the way of salvation” (Acts 16:17). There was
nothing wrong with what she said, but Paul discerned that she was speaking under the influence of a
demonic spirit. He then commanded the spirit to come out of her, and she received deliverance (Acts

All the spiritual gifts
are meant to be used in reverence, humility and with a sincere desire to edify the church.

For what it's worth, that's my 2 cents.

Tony York said...

I think the confusion comes in because people talk about "prophecy" in that manner of what is going to happen in the future.

The prophets in the old testament were the mouth pieces of God. They told the people God's words - whether it was for present or future generations.

For me, prophecy is just speaking God's word to people.

Tawny said...

What I have learned so far....

The gift of prophecy may grow in proportion to our faith? ~Rom 12:6

The need for prophecy will cease. ~ 1 Cor 13:8

Prophecy strengthens the entire church. ~1 Cor 14:40

Prophecy is a sign for believers, not unbelievers. ~ 1 Cor 14:22 A sign of what? God's work?

Prophecy reveals, but not completely. ~1 Cor 13:9

Prophecy can reveal giftings. ~ 1Tim 4:14

Prophecy is from the Spirit from God, not any one's own interpretation. ~ 2Pet 1:20-21

We should not despise prophecies. ~1 Th 5:20

Prophecy is not just an Old Testament thing. ~New Testament

The essence of prophecy is to give a clear witness for Jesus. ~Rev 19:10

Dear friends, do not believe everyone who claims to speak by the Spirit. You must test them to see if the spirit they have comes from God. For there are many false prophets in the world.
~1 John4:1

Thank you guys so much for your comments they have been very helpful to me!

Elaine said...

I was going to comment, I don't know but now I think I do...thanks to all the comments and your insight.
I can't make the Cravings because I have to work, is there going to be a cookie exchange this year? If not maybe we could get together for lunch sometime. Hope your doing well, I'm just getting fatter and more and more uncomfortable.
Lv, elaine

tawny said...

Hi Elaine, I would love to go to lunch! The Cravings is taking the place of the cookie exchange this year. :) Email me and we will set up a time. XO

Andresa said...

I believe prophesy is...well, a couple of different things, but most important to me is the definition of speaking the word of God with BOLDNESS...WOOHOO!!