Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Upward Focus

Christy sent me this quote yesterday, she didn't tell me who said it:

"Faith is what makes life bearable, with all its tragedies and ambiguities and sudden, startling joys. "

This is part of what I wrote her in return:

The little mundane things have to be part of an exciting meaningful whole. Then I am good with the mundane. Because it is part of something more. Of course, everything IS part of a bigger, wonderful, meaningful whole. (God's Plan) I just lose sight of the big picture sometimes and experience ennui.

Do we all have such a hard time remembering our life is part of a bigger picture, or is it just me?


Andresa said...

Hey Tawny...I JUST the other day wrote a blog about a song that I LOVE, here is the chorus: "You get bumped and bruised and worse for choosing the road less traveled. You know the reward is rich if you persist through the darkest battles. Open your eyes, your prize is right before you somehow...whatever you do, don't miss NOW!"
I love love love that. It was kind of a slap in the face for me to remember...God is blessing me NOW, with my "mundane" life and all..so I need to not miss the joy of NOW! Love you lots!

Tawny said...

Hey Andresa,
Thank you for sharing that! I am going to go try and be thankful for NOW while I take Gabe to the dentist. I wish I wasn't too lazy to sign up at myspace so I could read your blog. Next time I am bored, I will try and remember to do that. I actually forgot you were blogging there, or I would have done it sooner. :)