Friday, November 7, 2008

Times Changing?

Mine was the generation that could have it all. Our ethos was built on the belief that we could control everything: our bodies, our minds, our bank accounts. Got a problem? Change channels, switch jobs, take a pill, to to the gym. Our bibles were our Day-Timers. Our god was self-reliance. Quote from "Walking the Bible" by Bruce Feiler

I checked to see how old he is. Around 45, I am guessing. I see our generation in the same light. Christian and non. I am wondering if all of that is about to change? Are we prepared? How do we prepare for the unknown?


Marnie said...

I'm thinking we are probably not as prepared as we need be, but I'm believing some of us will decide to go deeper in Christ! I'm believing for many to turn from their false gods to God Alone!

tamara said...

That is really a great quote and I can't think of any generation past 1945 that could not see themselves in that light. I agree in wondering if all that is about to change dramatically and quicker than we ever thought possible. And, I would say that we are in no way prepared. Now, it seems the only thing we can do is figure out how to prepare for the unknown. Get closer to the only One not only to whom there is nothing that is unknown, but also is the One who is orchestrating all of it sovereignly over everyone.