Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Unfailing Love

I have been devouring the Psalms lately. I usually am only so-so about the Psalms which is strange because I love David so much. But I get tired of all of his vengeance issues. (Is that a guy thing, or a personality thing?) They haven't been bothering me lately though. I am just finding the Psalms so comforting and relevant to what my heart seems to need right now. I have also been noticing how often the psalmist speak of trusting in God's "unfailing love". Over and over, talking about His unfailing love. His love never fails. Mine does. Yours does. His doesn't. We can trust in Him alone. So glad.


Darla said...

This morning I was re-reading a chapter from Sacred Rhythms and Psalm 39 was quoted. I can't recall what the book said word for word, but the essense was that David knew who he was and he also was completely secure in God's unfailing love. Thus, when he writes about his enemies and the darkness, he can safely do so because of what it says in Psalm 139:12. A verse I had never noticed before. Here it is: Psalm 139:12 (New International Version)

12 even the darkness will not be dark to you;
the night will shine like the day,
for darkness is as light to you.

Even the darkness will not be dark to you! Our darkness that we are so ashamed of and/or scared of, is not dark to him. I saw it not just as Him seeing everything, but also that he can handle whatever is in the darkness.

tawny said...

Thank you Darla, what a neat addition to my post! That is what I want, to be completely secure in God's unfailing love, no matter how dark the night is.

lazrus2 said...

I've been taking a psalm per day for the last 6 weeks or so, and it's good for me to take time just reading those short sections (with study notes)and really think through them.

What helps me with the 'vengence' sections is seeing the real enemy as Satan who often uses people as his 'pawns'. They need deliverance from his schemes as much as we do, so praying against him will eventually be for their greater good too.

'Just a more compassionate way of looking at it, I think.


tawny said...

Oh Dana, I love that. I can get behind that kind of vengeance! :)

Anonymous said...

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Tawny said...

You are welcome. :)