Monday, February 1, 2010

February Practice

I have been thinking about my February discipline...

I keep remembering Ron's sermon when he talked about the different areas of our life; spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and I can't remember the last one, financial? Blech. No, wait, it was social, much better! I know I am weakest in the physical area. One of the magazines I like has a 28 day taking better care of yourself plan and Feb has 28 days this year. Combining all that with my rapidly increasing feelings of insanity during my curseful part of the month, I am thinking I should work on my physical self in February. I will make February my "honoring the body" month.

Physical stuff has always bored me to death unless I get myself all pumped up on vanity, which God won't let me do anymore, so I do not do a very good job of taking care of my physical self. I do get enough sleep. I love to exercise, I just love to read more. I do eat decent (I love fruits and veggies and whole grains) when I take the time to prepare something instead of just eating whatever is closest or easiest, or am not eating too much because I forgot to eat before and got too hungry. And also as long as there isn't anything sweet around. :)

I am actually afraid to do this though. I have failed almost completely staying off the computer in Jan, so what makes me think I can attempt an even bigger project in Feb? Oh, well, I can attempt it of course, but do attempts even count??? They don't for losing weight, I know that for sure, but I think they must for pleasing God. Otherwise, there wouldn't be any hope for us! And just for the record, I am NOT doing this to lose weight. I am doing this to hopefully help my body combat whatever is making me almost lose my mind 2 weeks out of every month! And attempting to practice some discipline. I will NEVER be good at that if God doesn't help me!


Anonymous said...

You must be my long lost twin! I struggle sooo badly with taking care of myself. No prob. taking care of others, but never myself. Middle age has not been kind to me, and I find myself in a body that I don't even recognize. I have all sorts of exercise stuff, but unless someone to do it with, it never happens. Pretty pathetic, huh? I have been trying to break my dependance on sugar, but fail miserably most days. Thank goodness the Lord loves me anyway, and eventually, I believe I won't be in bondage to sugar any longer. Hope your quest goes well. Gina

Tawny said...

Thank you Gina! :) It is very good to know I am not alone in my stuff! :)