Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed by the little things? A thousand little aggravations building up until you feel like it is just too hard to live? I am feeling that way right now.

Beaten by sand.

If you had hours to waste, we could sit down and I could start with Friday night and tell you every little thing that has bothered me since then and you would secretly wonder what the heck my problem is, because none of them are that big of a deal (I have a feeling quite a few of them would only bother me). From an eternal perspective, they are nothing. But right this moment, I am tired, I am irritable, I want to lay down and have somebody wake me up when Jesus comes back. I see more sand blowing in the wind of tomorrow and I really don't feel like walking into it. But I sense God calling me. I know it is for my good. I will go. I am not saying I am strong enough to go well, and certainly not gracefully, but I will go.

And the good thing is, no storm lasts forever.


Melinda said...

You just summed up my life with the "wake me when Jesus comes" comment. I know HE has much for me here...before he comes...but I am weary.

Darla D said...

I wish we could just go have lunch and you could share a bit of what is going on. But thanks for being so honest on your blog, and for always seeing God in everything. What you wrote reminds me of my favorite song right now, "whatever You're doing inside of me, it feels like chaos, but somehow there's peace, and its hard to surrender to what I can't see.."

tawny said...

Melinda, I prayed for you today, when I had the strength. Thanks for leaving a comment. Darla, we could probably get together in the next couple weeks and I loved that song you shared. :)