Saturday, July 5, 2008

Living Sacrifice?

I read Romans 12 again this morning and realized how much we NEED to be together. I am praying God will show me how to be more closely connected to His people. I feel like there is a ten foot pole between all of the different parts of the body. I assume that inhibits our effectiveness.

Romans 12 starts out with the verses about being a living sacrifice, pleasing and acceptable to God, which always launches me into thinking about diets and clear skin, I am sad to say. This morning, I realized the chapter starts out talking about us as individuals, and leads into us not thinking too highly of ourselves and then how we belong to each other and we should use our gifts and be devoted to one another. Hmm.... not self-focused! Is God showing us we need to give up our individual focus on our own bodies for the sake of His body? To offer up our bodies, not just to Him but also to His people? For Him to use for His people?

It seems to me like God's people are still so alone. Are we really sharing ourselves with one another? Are we really "doing life together", putting each other before ourselves? Do we really consider other believers as true family? Or are we all really out for ourselves and our physical families? Are we really any different from the world? Do we love any differently? Do I? I used to think I did, but I am starting to see, I haven't even started yet.


Angie said...

Belonging to the body is a difficult daily task, for me at least. I think as Americans we celebrate our individuality so much that we forget about community. We tend to live away from family and sometimes even far away from neighbors. We are called I believe to be "one" with not only our spouse but the body as a whole. It's hard enough to sacrifice for our immediate family let alone strangers and people we sometimes struggle to even like in the flesh. Going to church is sometimes that kind of sacrifice (sorry to say) but it's important that we do gather together and sacrifice our personal agenda for that day. I like being with people but usually for my own enjoyment and not as part of a sacrifice that challenges me. Thanks for the challenging thoughts.

Michelle said...

A few times I've experienced love and support from the body and I've given as well. It's amazing when it happens the way it should. But overall, no. I don't think we give much of ourselves sacrificially.

Good challenge, Tawny, thanks.

Tawny said...

Angie, I loved what you said and I agree with you that sometimes it is a sacrifice of ourselves, well a lot of times, but I think we are missing the pleasure of true connection with other believers. Like in the movies when two people really connect even if it is just for a moment, there is something glorious in it. I think we should be LIVING there! Maybe I am being too idealistic and niave, but it seems to me, that is what was going on in Acts, people connecting in love and joy and hope.

Michelle, I have experienced it too, enough to want more! :)

Don't you guys think that in Christ our sacrifices are usually rewarded beyond reason?

Thank you for your comments, this is one of those post I was really worried about offending people.