Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Spirit Stuff

I was driving to work yesterday and I was thinking about something weird. I prayed about it, "Why have I been thinking about this so much lately Lord? It doesn't make any sense." I was remembering when I was in training in the Army. It was right after basic training when males and females had been separated from each other for weeks and it was just like this big "attraction fest". I realized that God was showing me very clearly a time in my life when I was "controlled by sin." (I thought I was a believer, but I wasn't really.) I still was capable of performing righteous acts but my heart was controlled by sin. Versus now, when I am still capable of sinning but my heart is controlled by the Spirit. As in, now, when I realize I did something that would hurt God or someone else I am truly sorry and don't want to do it again. Before, I was afraid to sin because I didn't want the consequences but all of my desires were for that sin. Hopefully that makes sense. Yay! I love it when God explains stuff to me. :)


Kristi said...

I will email you.

cathi said...

that is the best holy tongue twister ever!

Heidi said...

Hey Tawny,

The Lord is teaching me all about patience and calmness. I stumbled to this blog todayhttp://birgitwhelan.com . An awesome post and it describes almost exactly what I feel today.

Love ya!!

Tawny said...

Kristi, I will be waiting. :)

Cathi, Can you say it real fast?

Heidi, I did like that post. Thanks for sharing it!

Michelle said...

Sometimes I can be so self-willed in wanting what I want that I refuse to back down, even when He clearly shows me where I'm wrong...just like a child throwing a temper tantrum. Thankfully, the tantrums don't last as long anymore. :???: